Injet Ampax Series

DC Fast Charging Stations

240kW Powerful Output For Level 3 EVs

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  • Power: 60kW to 240kW, upgradable to 320kW.
  • Dual-port charging:Equipped with 1 or 2 charging guns.
  • Charging speed: 80% mileage charge in 30 minutes for most EVs.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Integrated Smart HMI for convenient operation.
  • Online Advertising: Optional 39-inch advertising screen for your business and promotion.


Sleek and Modern Designs

Sleek and Modern Designs

    High Brightness Multi-color LED Lights
    10-inch high-contrast Touch Screen
Compatible With All EVs

Compatible With All EVs

    Equipped With 2 High Quality and Aging resistant Charging Guns.
    Combined Charging System : CCS 1+ CCS 1/ CCS 2+ CCS 2/CCS 1+ CCS 2/ GB/T + GB/T.
    DC Fast Charging for All Charging Stations: Public Charging Stations,Public, Taxi and Ride-hailing and Private Homes and Parking Lots .
    Compatible with All the Popular EV Car Models on the Market.
Easy Installation & Charging

Easy Installation & Charging

    Multiple charging Payment Options:RFID Cards & APP
    Communication Method: Ethernet (RJ-45) /4G
    Open Charge Point Protocol: Full Certified of OCPP 1.6J, Upgradable to OCPP 2.0.1
Charging Safety and Reliability

Charging Safety and Reliability

    Charging Safety Certification: IC, ES, OCA, IEC,EN and UL 2202 UL2594
    ETL (US and Canada), FCC, Energy Star Certification
    Enclosure rated Type 3R Protection Rating By NEMA.
    IP54 Enclosure to Resist Dust and Water.
    Emergency and Quick Stop

Why You Should Use Injet Ampax DC Fast Charging Stations

Injet Ampax DC fast charging stations offer rapid, reliable, and future-proof EV charging stations with smart HMI and optional advertising screens, making the perfect solution for your businesses, fleets, and public charging networks.
· Businesses: Attract more customers and increase revenue by offering convenient EV charging.
· Fleets: Keep your vehicles on the road and reduce downtime with fast and reliable charging.
· Public charging networks: Provide a seamless charging experience for EV drivers.

  • Rapid Charging

  • Durable and Reliable


Injet Ampax fast dc charging stations provide customers with different control modes, suitable for different usage scenarios, making it a perfect choice for your business and partners, ensuring you get the most out of your EV investment.

  • Certification


    ETL (for US and Canada), FCC, Energy Star. Crafted to meet the highest industry standards.

  • RFID Card

    RFID Card

    Simply swipe the RFID card to start and manage charging easily. One charger can support multiple authorized RFID cards, allowing you to manage your users securely and conveniently.

  • Mobile APP

    Mobile APP

    The charging app is user friendly with different languages and support Apple and Android system. You can manage the current, reserve the charging time, and view the charging status on the APP.

Injet Ampax DC Fast Charging Station details
charging app

SOLUTIONS For COMMERCIAL DC Fast Charging Stations

Injet Ampax Series DC Fast Charging Stations for indoor charging Outdoor DC charging management
  • Large Scale EV Charging Management

    Large Scale EV Charging Management

    Empower you to optimize infrastructure, enhance user experience, streamline operations, and scale with confidence, creating a sustainable charging ecosystem for the future of mobility.

  • Smart & Stable Charging Experience

    Smart & Stable Charging Experience

    Ethernet RJ-45 interface networking is adopted, and 4G module is optional, compliant with the OCPP 1.6J protocol. Upgraded and adaptable to OCPP 2.0.1 protocol in 2024.

  • Best Choice for Your Charging Business

    Best Choice for Your Charging Business

    Fast-charging stations serve as lucrative assets, enticing longer parkers, boosting revenue for retail/hospitality, and alleviating range anxiety for highway travelers, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and opening new revenue streams.


Type 3R/IP54
Type 3R/IP54