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The Hub Pro

DC Fast Charging Station

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The Hub Pro DC fast charging station is suitable commercial use. This DC EV Charging Station  can be applicable for outdoor installation like parking lot of office building, hospital, supermarket, hotel  etc. The Hub Pro DC fast charging station can be equipped with 1 or 2 output power from 80kW to 240kW. It can charge most EVs to 80% of mileage in 30 mins. 7-inch high-contract LCD touchscreen for commercial charging station design, APP, RFID charging control approval, convenient remote control real-time view. Safe and reliable, with multiple fault protection. APP, RFID charging control approval, with emergency stop function.


Elegant and Modern design

Elegant and Modern design

    Metal enclosure
    Double plug (CCS1+CCS1/CCS1+CCS2/CCS2+CCS2)
    7 inch touch screen
Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

    Plug and Charge
    Swapping RFID card to charge
    Controlled by App
Safety and Reliable

Safety and Reliable

    With multiple fault protection
    IP54,dustproof,waterproofand anti-corrosion
    Charging module separated from control system, stable and safe performance
    Multiple module output in parallel, flexible configuration and easy maintenance
    Charging gun disconnected detection ensures safe charging
Fully functional

Fully functional

    Power Sharing, DLB, Solar Charging for option
    Built to be compatible with all the EVs
    Adoption of a controller patented by PET Germany for "Power Integrated Charger Controller"

Easy installation, convenient maintenance, good heat dissipation, and high safety

The Hub Pro is easy to install and maintain. IP54 rated for indoor or outdoor applications. With two years warranty and lifelong technical support. Support OCPP and RFID authorization.

The Hub Pro


The Hub Pro charging station provides you different modes of control, provide customers with a better and safer experience

The Hub Pro
  • Integrated


    Integrated power controller, integrated intelligent HMI, and built-in power module, requiring only 200 wiring boards and 100 wires, reducing by two-thirds compared to traditional DC charging stations.

  • RFID Card

    RFID Card

    Swiping the RFID card, you can easily start and stop the charging. Ideal for retail & hospitality use. One charger can allowed multiple authorized RFID cards making it safe to share with your customers.

  • Injet APP

    Injet  APP

    Injet charging app is user friendly with different languages and support Apple and Android system. You can adjust the current, reserve the charging time, and view the charging records on the APP.

Sonic Series


M4F-1 The Hub Pro
  • Business management system

    Business management system

    Create an account for your customers to manager their chargers. Check and set all data of chargers.

  • OCPP 1.6J

    OCPP 1.6J

    With OCPP-1.6 communication protocol, can be connected to the your background management platform.
    You can also develop your own APP based on the OCPP protocol to achieve the required functions.

  • RS-485 interface

    RS-485 interface

    Used for load balancing, solar charging, and possible new features in the future.


 Load Balancing Management
Load Balancing Management
4G(Cellular network)
4G(Cellular network)
Solar EV Charging
Solar EV Charging
External MID
External MID